How (and Why) B2b Buyers Begin The Purchase Process


The top five areas of marketing spend, according to the survey’s respondents are: website development, online marketing, tradeshows and events, email marketing and advertising. When it comes to top lead sources for B2B marketers, Sagefrog found that referrals, tradeshows and events, and email marketing produced the most leads while telemarketing and direct mail produced the least. Budget is being directed to the areas that producing leads, which make sense since lead generation in general is big focus for B2B businesses and not just their marketing teams. Driving ROI with Digital Marketing Digital channels provide the highest ROI, according to survey respondents. Online marketing and email marketing are two of the top contenders while advertising, direct mail and telemarketing resulted in the lowest ROI. The popularity of marketing tactic may vary by company, but there are some commonalities amongst modern marketers. The areas that drive the greatest ROI, according to the 85% have a business website 72% use email marketing to reach their customers 67% use social media to connect with buyers 56% have a focus on SEO 51% incorporate press releases into their marketing strategies Related: Connect with your audience through content marketing and whitepaper distribution.
This article has been curated from What B2B Marketing Budget Trends Mean for CMO Evolution

What This Means for Your Business: Keep tabs on your current clients or similar businesses within the same industry. If a particular industry that your business services is expected to grow or on an upward swing, reach out to them directly, touch on possible expansion and provide a solution as to how your business can make the growth and purchase an easier process. Want: To Leverage New Technology Businesses want to be able to outshine competitors. In many instances, it’s the technology they utilize that enables this to happen. Businesses want to leverage new technology and over a third of buyers scored this as an 8 or above in terms of importance in instigating a new business purchase. What This Means for Your Business: Have a new feature, service or product offering that will enable your buyers to get their hands on and make the most of the latest technology?
This article has been curated from How (and Why) B2B Buyers Begin the Purchase Process


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